The Hotel Bahnhof Haus stems from the concept of offering a qualitative service of hospitality in a strategic position between North and South Europe.

The Hotel breathes the multiculturalism and the multilingualism of the area, where it’s often possible to hear various languages.

Bahnhof Haus offers a Hotel with wide rooms, comfortable and cleaned, and a restaurant, where the swiss and the italian cuisine meet themselves perfectly.

The structure is appreciated both from the business customers, who enjoy the various road and railway connections, the congressional frameworks and the proximity to the different cities (Lugano, Como, Bellinzona, Milan and Varese) and the private customers, who use Bahnhof Haus as an outpost to discover the territory or to partecipate to the numerous local events.

The “Ticino Ticket”, which contains free public transport (scheduled bus and trains), various discounts and advantages in the cantoen Ticino, is offered to all customers.

In collaboration with Limousine Service (, we offer a transfer service from/to the airports or car rental with a driver.

The Bardelli family, who manages the hotel for over 10 years, awaits you for a pleasant sojourn in every aspects.

Some of our services

Currency exchange


Ticino Ticket

Distributor H24


Limousine Service